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Combined dynamic spectra for energetic ions and electrons as measured by STEP, EPT and HET in the sunward looking direction (along the average Parker spiral). The spectra are normalized by multiplying the particle intensities by the energy squared to improve the visibility over the entire energy range.

Plots are updated every hour using the latest data available on ground.


Ion intensities are calibrated assuming that all particles are protons, but STEP and EPT (energies below ~6MeV) may include contributions from heavier ions.

Electron intensities may suffer from contamination by ions. Ions with energies over ~400 keV can penetrate the EPT foil, affecting electron measurements. This is particularly visible in the higher energy channels. STEP electron intensities (below ~30 keV in the plot) are obtained by comparing the integral and magnet channel measurements. Periods with intense ion fluxes may produce artifacts in the electron data (either fake increases or black patches).

These plots are automatically generated using low latency data sent by EPD for monitoring purposes. They don't reflect the quality of the final data products and should not be used for serious scientific analysis.