Solar Orbiter Orbit General Overview

Solar Orbiter will follow an orbit that will approach the Sun as close as 0.28au reaching up to 33° latitude to observe the polar regions of the Sun. In order to accomplish these goals, Solar Orbiter will follow an elliptical orbit around the Sun with an aproximate period of 6 months and will make use of gravity assist manoeuvres (GAMs) to get closer and increase the inclination during the nominal mission stages.
The Mission is divided into four phases:

The operational orbit (Nominal Mission Phase) will start two years from launch after several GAMs at Earth and Venus. Subsequent GAMs at Venus will increase its inclination to the solar equator over time, reaching up to 24° at the end of the nominal mission (approximately 7 years after launch) and up to 33° in the extended mission phase.
A brief overview of the whole mission can be found at the ESA SOC

Ephemeris plotting tools

Solar Orbiter orbit during NECP/Cruise Phases and context from contemporary missions STEREO and PSP. In blue, Parker spiral for SW velocities between 300 and 800 km/s