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The Energetic Particle Dectector | Data Archive
This is the official EPD data archive. A mirror of the data can also be found at the ESA data archive

Data Policy : EPD nominal data will be publicly available 90 days after receival on-ground. ~Daily plots are also available as quicklook data. Caveat: Quicklook plots have not been validated and should not be used for publication purposes.
EPD is a complex instrument and its use requires a deep understanding of the instrument. Please, before using it, read the Release Notes. For additional data inquiries please contact the instrument PI.
Citing EPD data: When using EPD data please read the Publication Guidelines and cite the EPD instrument paper :
The Energetic Particle Detector. Energetic particle instrument suite for the Solar Orbiter mission. J. Rodriguez-Pacheco et al. A&A Volume 642, October 2020